REVIEW: Komunka "I definitely want more Komunka"

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(Critic’s Choice)

Production Company:
Hooligans Theatre (Toronto, ON)
    The biggest compliment I can give to any Fringe show is that I want more. I definitely want more Komunka. This play deserves a second act and a bigger audience and I really hope it gets one.
    Set in the kitchen of a communal house in modern–day Russia, Komunka is angry, biting, and has the best joke about Chekov I’ve ever heard. The audience is invited to sit directly at the table with the cast and you are fully immersed in their world. All the performances are excellent and the script goes back and forth between the stories with ease, creating a fully–realised world full of real people. Andrew Pimento as Alex and Sean Pratt as Sasha were highlights for me, but they are truly first among equals.
    The weakest element of Komunka is the monologue by Man in the Box, but even this is a case of wanting more. His story of being a homeless Russain–Ukrainian in Moscow is fascinating, but doesn’t really tie into the rest of the characters. In an expanded Komunka I have no doubt that element would be included in a more holistic way.
    Komunka was my favourite piece at Fringe this year, and I hope that Hammer / Hooligans Theatre continues to develop it. I’d love to see where it can go.
Rachel More, View Magazine