KOMUNKA and Russian Politics

 Komunka is very much a play about people, but it also deals with several topical issues,: sexism, racism, homosexuality, and nationalism.

            The issue of nationalism is an important one, especially since we tend to view Vladimir Putin as having  spearheaded what many see as Russian imperialism, by ‘taking over’ the Crimea, and perhaps attempting to annex the Ukraine.

            But the starting point for our play is people and their personalities, and one of the things we try to do is to show that Russians are not that different from us. Americans accuse Putin of imperialism, but I think most people are aware of the fact that Americans have quite a history of imperialism themselves.

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What it Means to be an Artist in Hamilton

Yeah, wow, what an incredibly pretentious title, eh? 
I hope this won’t be.
I moved to Hamilton ten years ago and as more and more people are moving 
to Hamilton (it’s a great city!) and lots of them are artists (writers, painters, dancers, actors, etc), I thought it was important...

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The Return of Bad Acting

I’ve had it with the latest acting trend. And though I don’t want to blame anybody, I think I kind of have to.

What I’m talking about is much more than good old-fashioned bad acting. I  got the idea for this article from talking with a friend of mine — a veteran of Canadian theatre. I asked him if he’s seen any good plays lately. He said “Well I saw this play, but the actors in it were doing that bad acting thing that’s so popular right now.” “Oh what do you mean?” I asked. He said, “Oh you know, when they are trying to show you what good actors they are all the time.”

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